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Who Are We?...

About Us...

Refill Northern Ireland started in 2017 as an environmental project aiming to make towns and cities tap water Refill friendly for everyone while on the go (like the good old days!).

We locate and encourage the creation of locations where filling your reusable water bottle for FREE from an increasing number of Refill stations becomes an easy to do everyday habit, helping hydration and ultimately protecting our environment from bottle waste.

Meet Our Team...

Barry O'Connor
Garry Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Corcoran
Charles Barlow
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator

Refill's Mission

Our aim is to substantially reduce the amount of, and our dependence on, the consumption of drinking water using single use plastic bottles.

  • Map all of Ireland’s publicly accessible current drinking water tap and station locations.
  • Encourage voluntary partner businesses to pledge to provide FREE, no quibble, tap water.
  • Make FREE tap drinking water accessible at least every 400 metres in our towns and cities.
  • Encourage local authorities and water utilities to bring back and refurbish our public drinking water taps.

Help Refill's Mission...

As a Not-For-Profit all donations to Refill will help us to continue to reduce waste pollution in Ireland. Donate with Pay Pal now!

Community Refill Hubs​

Refill is here to support communities in the shift away from single use plastic.

We offer advice to community groups, local businesses and local councils alike.

Local businesses in every county that support the switch to Zero Waste are in with the chance to win a free Community Refill Hub Water Cooler valued at €1,500.

This innovative project reduces plastic waste and supports local businesses and the communities they operate in. 

Are You With Us?... Volunteer!

Plastic waste is a huge problem and we can’t do it alone. With your help we can make a difference. Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Global Partnerships


Refill Northern Ireland is a member of the global Refill campaign started first in Bristol way back in 2015. Refill is now an award-winning global movement with over 400 grassroots Refill Schemes here in the UK and delivery partners around the world from Australia to Japan.

Have a Question?

Refill is here to help and to answer any questions you might have…

Have a Question?

Refill is here to help and to answer any questions you might have…

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