Let's End Plastic Waste...

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Let's End Plastic Waste...

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Plastic Plastic...

Plastic is an incredibly useful material that can undoubtedly improve our lives but like with any technology it can also cause considerable harm.

Single use plastic bottles make up the majority of household waste plastic which generates large quantities of Co2 in its production and disposal which contributes to Climate Change. When not disposed of correctly, plastic bottles pollute our environment, kill wildlife and are beginning to affect human health as well.

Scroll down further to learn more about how Refill is tackling this serious problem.

…Not So Fantastic

Luckily Refill Has A Plan...

As the plastic problem is too big for any single organisation to tackle, Refill is focusing solely on eliminating the need for single use plastic bottles.

There are 5 ways we are tackling the problem…

The Refill Tap Map

Refill has built a network of hundreds of local businesses & organisations pledging to give you 
FREE TAP WATER REFILLS, no questions asked.

Now there’s no need to buy bottled water when you are out and about!

Water Coolers...​

Refill has a wide range of indoor water coolers and outdoor water fountains for your office, school or public building.

Eliminating the need for single use plastic bottles in every location.

...Are Much Cooler

Community Refill Hubs

Local businesses in every county that support the switch to Zero Waste are in with the chance to win a free Community Refill Hub Water Cooler valued at €1,500.

This innovative project reduces plastic waste and supports local businesses and the communities they operate in. 

Waste Free Events

Refill has developed an innovative system that enables event organizers to avoid the need to purchase  single-use plastic water bottles.

With our bespoke engineered Mobile Hydration Station, we can offer a Zero Waste drinking water solution that caters to your event and lowers your Co2 footprint.

Local Authority Advocacy

Refill advocates for the installation and refurbishment of new and existing public drinking water facilities.

Sometimes local politics just needs a push in the right direction!  


Your Bottle, Your Logo…​

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Encourage your company, school or team to Refill by buying them a Reusable Water Bottle with a Custom Logo*

*As a Not-For-Profit all proceeds go toward supporting Refill’s work to eradicate single use plastic bottles!

Thank You To Our Supporters For All Their Help

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